Date condition in select statement


I need to find packingslip id for an sales order with from and to date.

while select cust where cust.SalesId == “SO-100000” && cust.DeliveryDate >= fdate && cust


May i know how to add the date condition in whileselect statement?


while select custPackingSlipJour
where custPackingSlipJour.SalesId == “SO-100000”
&& (custPackingSlipJour.DeliveryDate >= fromDate
&& custPackingSlipJour.DeliveryDate <= toDate)

If you want to build a date, then use mkDate function.

So i need to declare the fromdate as mkdate(8/5/2016) and todate as mkdate(8/24/2016)
is it right?

Where are you using this code?
Example - mkDate(25,01,2018)

I’m trying in job, kranthi.

Then you can use mkDate function.