Date Compression

I am testing the date compression feature. I want to compress 1 customer for all of 2003. I’ve copied the database to a test machine and i’m running it their to see what it does and if it’s what i’m looking for before attemping it on the active DB. Right now it has run overnight & it’s still going. It’s looking through the Detailed Cust Ledger Entry table. Imagine if i wanted to do this for all customers. If 1 is going to take 1 or 2 days how long would everyone take? Has anyone ever used this and is this as long as a process as it appears to be? thanks

UPDATE… I canceled trying to Date Compress for the whole Year. I re-ran the Date Compression for 1 customer for 1 month (jan 2003). After 24 hrs this is still going too. Seems to be in an endless loop, constantly runing over & over through all the entries in the Detailed Cust Legder Entry Table. It appears to be a good idea what it’s suppossed to do. If i was running this on the live database I would assume it would lock several tables and literally stop the business from running. With the weekend here I’ll see if by Monday it’s finished.

Monday 1pm It’s like the Energizer Bunny - It Keeps Going & Going & Going. – I feel very alone on this topic :frowning:

Stop the process and check the filters & keys… probably it’s not properly “optimized”… as usual. :slight_smile:

Improvement 022 on Navision Attain NA 3.60A contains the following note: “The Date Compress functions for Customer and Vendor Ledgers were very slow. This has been corrected.” Could be relevant, no?

Everything appears to be optimized. and our last update was W1_360_Hotfix23 ------------------ It appears to me that once it finds 1 entry for that customer it does whatever it’s supposed to be doing & then starts going thru the ledger entries from the beginning again. So if a customer has 1000 entries it runs through the table 1000 times. Even if this is what’s it’s doing 3 days for 1 customer for 1 month - too long. Goodbye date compression - Hello Database Expansion!

  1. Is it “Cust. Ledger Entry” or “Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry” that is being re-scanned? 2) In Report 198, Function ‘CompressDetails’, the first line should read DtldCustLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY("Cust. Ledger Entry No.","Posting Date"); If it does not, you do not have the (US only?) improvement.

My CompressDetails First Line DtldCustLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Cust. Ledger Entry No.”,CustLedgEntry.“Entry No.”); ----------------------------------------------------------------------- What i’m reporting on is the pop-up status window. It says: Counter: (this is what keeps going & going) table: Detailed Cust. Ledger Entry key: Entry No. other that the counter starting over and over - nothing else changes

Yup, you need the line I referred to, inserted before the line you have. Without the SETCURRENTKEY line, the code performs a full scan of all Detailed Cust. Ledger Entr(ies) to find the the details for each Cust. Ledger Entry. With the SETCURRENTKEY line, finding the Detailed Cust. Ledger Entries will be almost instantaneous.

I’m importing Improvement 22 as we speak - i’ll let you know what happens

Oh the Glory that is improvement 22! with the improvement the 3 days & going turned into 30 seconds - Life is good again! Thanks for your help & those who want to run Date compression without this fix — my message is don’t do it!