Date compression / purging Navision Version US 2.00.C

After eight years, we are almost out of database. I successfully compressed G/L, vendor and customer entries in 2006. Now, however, when I try to compress the job cost / job ledger entries, I receive the error “Indexing 0 is in the array is outside of the permitted range”. What am I missing? I’m think I’m following the instructions in the system guide. Is it possible to purge these records? Is there an internet site that would give me instructions?

Don’t want to upgrade or increase data size - there’s plenty of data that can be deleted.

Thanks for any information.

It looks like a bug. I suggest to see if there is a fix in the later version. Contact your NSC

Think I’ll keep waiting for a suggestion. There are over 101,000 job ledger entries (1999-2004) that can be deleted/purges to free up space.

When we purchased, the Job module had some customization. Perhaps that’s what’s causing the problem.

Do you know of a way to delete job ledger entries?

Why sit back on a version that has not been supported for several years? How much space are you anticipating on freeing up? 100,000 ledger entries can’t be all that much.