Date Comparison Colum setup help needed


I am trying to create colums layout of Accounts Schedule Report.

What i want to achieve is that that if i run a report from 01/04/2012…31/07/2012, then i want to setup a colum called LastYearToDate which which should show the result of netchange in GLEntries for 01/04/2011…31/07/2011. I have tried to use -1Y but it only works for one calander month, or quater or half yearly, but it does not work for a specific date range which is outside the norms.

Any help would be grately appreciated

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Ajay Sharma

Look at these report for guidence

Report No 7

Report No 37

Thanks Amol

Thank you for your quick response, but where do i Find Reports 7 and 37.

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Go to Financial Management–>General Ledger–> Reports–>Financial Statement–>

Report no 7 → Trial Balance /Previous Year

Report 37 → Balance Comp-Prev Year

Thanks Again.

That looks good. However what i am trying to achieve is the similar formula in one of my own report Profit and Loss Report Created in General Ledger>>Analysis & Reporting>>Account Schedules. In this profit and loss account report, i want to add one more field with heading “LastYeartoDate”. in the Date Comparison formula field, i have entered as -1Y. This shoould calculate the net change in gl entries for the same period last year. It works, for a month, quater, week or year, but it does not work for a specifici period. For Example in Date range if i put show me Profit and Loss account for 01/04/2012…31/07/2012, then “LastYeartoDAte” colum does not show the result for last year same period.

Best Regards/Ajay Sharma

With Comparison Formula it really doesn’t matter what exact date you put in DateFilter – while date is in year’s range, and you set CF = -1Y, you will get previous year’s 31/Dec. (depending of what you have in Column Type & Amount Typre).

If your Acc.Periods = Calendar months, you can use FY[1] for Jan, FY[2] for Feb etc, (FY{1…3] for Q1) in Comp.Period formula.