DataSource listpage has less tables then query

Hi all,

I am using AX2012 CU7 and trying to modify the datasource from the smmActivitiesListPage form. The form is using the smmActivities_Activities query, but has less tables in the dataSource then the query.

Does anyone know how to develop this. So I want to use a query for a listpage, but not all tables from the query should be in the datasource of the form.

Thanks in advance!

What are you trying to do? Please make it more clear.

If the datasource has exists join or not exists join then it won’t appear in listpage as in this type of join child records are not allowed to use for writing

Hi Kranthi,

I want to add some tables to show more information on the listpage. But when I add tables to the query and add the query again to the form again, the form has 6 not needed tables in the datasource (I am afraid it will fetch not needed information). So I would like to remove them, like it is now.

What does that mean? Does it shows the tables that are not even in the query?

BTW, what tables you have added to the query?

Hi Kranthi,

No I mean this.
Now I have a query with:

table1, table2, table3, table4, table5

I have a form that’s using this query, but the datasource has only;

table1, table2, table3

I would like to add to the query table6, table7 and add this to the form.
But when I refresh the query I also have table4 and table5 in my form. That’s what I don’t want to.

I would like to show customer related information over there, so I would like to add CustTable and DirPartyTable (and if possible without a method).