Dataset is not populated based on AX user's data through OData feed in Power BI report.

The connection between Power BI and AX 7 is been established through OData feed (By using the AX 7 URL).

Consider the scenario where User – 1 is in Company – 1 and User – 2 in Company – 2 (Which is being specified in System Administration module). Depending on the company assigned to users the data must be populated. These users are added to a new Power BI workspace group in

The Power BI report is being generated and published to Power BI through Power BI desktop with User – 1’s credentials (Logged in with So, only the User – 1’s company data will be displayed for the rest of the users, in our case for User - 2.

Suppose if we change the company of User – 1 to Company – 3, then Company 3’s data is getting displayed in the Power BI report as expected. The generated report is being published to the newly created Power BI group and the same is reflected to the rest of users, in our case for User – 2.

Irrespective of company mapped to the User – 2, the data is populating based on the company mapped to User – 1, as the data is published through the User – 1 login in Power BI Desktop.

We need the Power BI dataset to be populated based on the company mapped to the user in Office 365 for Operations - System Administration module.

We have tried refreshing of dataset in power BI, yet couldn’t able to achieve any solution.

Could you please help me on this issue to be resolved.


Elamathi. S

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