Dataporting with different regional settings

My dataport extracts data to be reimported into another Navision implementation that happens to have different reginal settings (Germany: decimal separation: , UK: decimal separation: .) So, when I reimport the data using the same dataport, everything is divided by 1000. How to circumvent this problem?

I would try two things. 1. Change the Globallanguage in the PreDatatport trigger 2. Modify the Field in the OnBeforeImport Trigger. (Put the Value into a String Var => Modify the String => Evaluate the String with the Var you want to import) Hope this will help you

You can modify string on Dataport Field trigger OnBeforeEvaluateField CONVERTSTR(Text,’.’,’,’)

and format(Fieldname, 0,2) on option fields Best regards from bcn

Use in OnAfterFormatField Text := Format(xyz);