Hello all, I want to create one Dataport and there I want to export two Tables with the same fields in one File. Table 1 = Orders Table 2 = Archived Orders. I’m new in Navision. Who can give me an example. Albrech-vet [8)]

This is a fairly easy task: * create new dataport * Assign a table to a data item * view DataPort Fields for that item * Show field menu * Mark all fields you want to export * Click the empty dataport field list * Answer with yes * close the dataport field list * repeat for the next table(s)

Hi Friend, I tried this with Territory and Area Tables. Created a Dataport to export to a text file with the above said tables as two data items I specified field startpos,width in dataport fileds form, and after saving that dataport ,completed running that datport to export data onto a text file. i observed there is a blank line to separate data of these two data items on text file. Then I deleted the data in navision database for those two tables. Then imported the data using same dataport. Thats working… Thanku all. Lenin

Create a new dataport and add table 1 and table 2 as two separate data Items. Go to View-Dataport fields for each of them and add the fields you want to export. Save and run the dataport…the resulting file will display the data from the first data items first and then from the second data item[8D]

Hello many thanks for your replies, It’s now working fine. Another problem i have ist the following: I Set filters for the table 1, and the same filters must be set automatically by table 2. How can i realize this. Many thanks for your answers.

to have the same filters applied to the second table you can use table2.SETFILTER(table2.field,table1.GETFILTER(table1.field) note that table2.filed and table1.field must be same and you have to put this on before export trigger of second data item… hope this helps… cheers MK