DataPort to Import Items

I am running into problems when importing Item master records. I have approx. 60,000 inventory items to import, and many of them have Standard Cost, Unit Cost, and Last Direct Cost < 0.01 (ex: 0.00528). When the DataPort encounters one of these records it returns: “You cannot enter 5.28e-03 in decimal”. I have tried using Invoice Rounding Precision on G/L Setup set to 0.01 and 0.00. In Table 98, the Unit-Amount Decimal Places field is set to 2:5 and the Unit Amount Rounding Precision field is set to 0.001. Has anyone else had this experience and are there any settings I’m missing?

Set your rounding precision to 0,00001. This means 5 decimals.

Where did the source file come from? Excel (60,000 is just in the limit). If so you may want to try and reformat the file to indicate 0.00528 instead of 5.28e-03. In any case a better solution wold be to write a simple routine to read the excel file directly into Navision. If you need, I can explain how to do that.

Jbatzer if you have created the text file to import by i.e. Save as… from Excel, choosing DOS text as file type this happens: Numbers are formatted according to your Control panel, Regional settings. The default number setting is 2 decimals, which gives you the “scientific” (5.28e-03) format for small numbers. Change number of deciamals to a number big enough (9?) to handle your data. Then re-export the file. Don’t forget to change it back afterwards. Pelle

Thanks very much Pelle. That solved my problem! Jeff

You are welcome, Jeff. And now I have got two stars! /Pelle