Dataport RUMMODAL error

When i use Dataport.Run or Dataport.Runmodal I’m getting an error “Function ‘RUNMODAL’ is obsolete for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server”. RTC does not support dataport??

Dataports only used in classic client. You have to use XMLPort for it.

Or Reports, or codeunits depending on what you want.

But there is also a way around this: NAV2009: Dataports and XML Ports.

I wont be able to get this thing. Can you please explain it?

It’s not a straight forward rule that you need to replace the dataport by an xmlport. At MS we replaced them by reports among others because a report provides you with a Request Form/Page.

Regarding the blog I refer to: here a workaround is introduced how to run a dataport from RTC through a report.

Hope this clarifies it. [8-|]