Dataport properties

Hi, is there a possibility to change the property of the dataport: autosave? I did not find any command to do this. Thanks

Do you mean you wish to change this property during runtime? I do not believe this is a property that can be changed at runtime. Otherwise, you just need to have your cursor on the dataitem for the Dataport and open the properties window to change the “Autosave” property. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Create the dataport as a normal one with autosave, then set autosave property to false and change the code for using a flag for inserting/modifying the record. You can set in the request form for changing the flag (losing the standard file search option) or change it through a function in the dataport for setting the variable before running the dataport (or using a STRMENU or a confirm when starting the dataport… it’s up to you… ) Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)