Dataport Issue

I have just designed a dataport that is giving me an error that I don’t understand. I have created a table and have a text file that I am trying to import thru my dataport. I get an error that says “The length of the source exceeds the size of the destination buffer.” Can someone tell me what this means??

This error is usually related to text strings that exceed the maximum allowed length. It is very much like an overflow error. As a start, try checking some of these: Do you import data to any text/code fields? Does the text file contain text strings with a length in excess of 250 characters (1000 if you are using Attain)? Are you creating an expression based on some of the fields you import (something like: Var := Field1 + Field2)?

Thanks for the response, Nelson You are correct in that some of the fields I am trying to import are more than 250 characters. I am using 3.70 and when I try to change the field to accept more than 250 characters, I get an error that says “The maximum permitted value is 250” How do I get the field to accept more than 250 characters?

You can import to variable wich type is text 1000 and then cut to the length of field.

In 3.70, it’s possible to use string variables with up to 1024 characters. But, unfortunately, field sizes are still limited to a 250 character length. There is nothing you can do about this limitation. You can, however, tackle the problem in a few different ways: 1) Break the data into more than one field (it’s a workable solution if you only need to create 1/2 additional fields); 2) Create a separate table with this data and a relationship to the master data (like the Comment tables in standard Navision); 3) Import the data into a BLOB field. I hope this is of help to you.