Dataport Issue


I am attempting to import data in the general journal using a dataport. I created the dataport and it basically works. However, when importing the account no, the fields for the posting groups are not updated automatically. These fields are updated when entering the account number manually. I choose “CallFieldValidate” for the account number, but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas how this could be done?

Thank you for your help!


Validate the account number OnAfterImport trigger…

Thank you! That worked! I appreciate the help.


I was celebrating to early[:(].

It is now making the reference to the posting groups as requested. But validating the account number on the OnAfterImport trigger deletes the import entries for a (validated) dimension that I am also using in the same dataport. Any advice how to solve that? Thanks!

Maybe you can call the validate of the related dimension (one of the globals?) after the validate of the account no.? As a rule of thumb I would call the validate in the sequene the fields are sorted in the G/L Journal form.

Thanks for the hint, Joerg.

What I did now was the following: I validated the account no. in the OnBeforeImportRecord and the Dimension (Shortcut Dimension 1) in the OnAfterImportRecord. That worked fined, except for two lines of the import where the posting groups where not choosen.

Sorry, but I am just guessing and trying here.