Dataport including none field date

When running a dataport, is it possible to include extra data? For example, the one we currently run, i need to add a constant field, eg xxxx to each line of output, and also todays date. Is it possible to added a text field, where i can predetermine the text before export, and also can i add todays/work date (format the export? This will then save adding the information/running a macro in excel.

You can add any variable in the dataport fields, therefore simply create a new variable, e.g. TodayDay, assign the value in the OnBeforeExport Trigger and include this variable in the dataport fields. This is also valid when importing - you can import into any variable, perform data validations and then assign the value to your table field. Have a look at dataport 5900. Saludos Nils

Thanks for your reply. What i have done is set up a variabl, called “test” with a type of text. On the Onbeforeexport trigger I have test := “xxxx”; however i dont think ive done this bit right, as i get the unknown variable error. am i missing something?! :smiley:

You’ll have to setup your variable as global variable for the dataport to be able to include it in the dataport fields. Just drop me an email with your object if you can’t solve this variable issue. Saludos Nils