Dataport Importing Junk

I seem to have an issue with dataports. I am using Navision 3.1, with Win 2000 operating system. I have the machine Arabic enabled. Now we can view arabic in navision, we can view arabic on notepad. When we convert an excell file which has Arabic data in it to csv, we are able to view the arabic in both notepad and excel. The problem is that when we import it, the data becomes junk. Now i remeber this has something to do with the fact that Navison uses Anscii and Microsoft Unicode. But what is the solution to this problem? Help would be appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Omair

Hi Omair Instead of converting the Excel file to CSV format, what you can do is opne the Excel file in MS Access, using the Import file option, and try to save it as text file. Once you import the file make all the field data types to Text. You can explore more as you go through the process. when you save an excel file to a csv , CSV formast looses certain sttings and hence you have problems when you import csv into the database. cheers MK

Thanks for your reply MK however… Well after further testing, I believe the problem really isnt the excel to csv. Rather it is somethign to do with the dataport. I made two test, one innvolving Importing Data and another Exporting Data. Importing Data: I created a new table with a Text field for import of Arabic text. I made a text file and entered data in Arabic. Then I created a DP for importing the Arabic data into the new table text field. The import worked fine, however the data in the text field was junk. Exporting Data: In the new table I entered Arabic text in the text field. Then I used the DP to export the data to a text file. The text file contained Junk. I even tried the different TextMode, this however did not make a difference. So i think the issue is with the DP. Thanks and regards Omair

Well… i woul suggest instead of using an access database for creating a .csv file, reading the records themselves from the access database using ADO automation for reading straight from the access database.

Omair, I had a similar problem when trying to import French customer/vendor names with their specific characters in an US version. I think the problem is due to the set of characters being used by Navision as opposed to Excel. My routine would convert the file to be imported from ASCII coding to OEM coding. Then I would try to import the converted file. That seemed to work as I got in Navision the french characters. If you give me your email I will try to send you my objects. Cristi Nicola

Hi Cristi, I did solve the problem, using a VB OCX. I just used the OCX to read the string and matched it to the field in Navision. However i would still like the objects, maybe they are a better solution. SO can you send them to me on my emal address. Thanks and regards Omair