Dataport importing Junk Chars (German Alphabet)

I have an issue with dataports. I am using Navision 3.60, with Win 2000 operating system and SQL 2K. I need to import sales orders with German characters. The problem is that when I import it, the data becomes junk. Now i remeber this has something to do with the fact that Navison uses Ascii and Microsoft Unicode. Somebody knows about this problem or any partial o final solution. Help would be appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Omair

Michael Buecher had the same issue on the German forum (if you can read it): Download and use this codeunit, it should work for you too:

Hello, Navision was not the right way to solve this issue. I could solve this issue, I added to my C++ application a file’s converter betwen ANSI and ASCII Files and when I have my file in ASCII code then I can import this data to my SQL Server and I can read the correct information using Navision. I found an usefull code in If anybody need to convert characters between different languages, I think is possible to solve it converting to ASCII independently to Navision and SQL Sever.