Dataport Imp/Exp

Dear All… How to Imp/Exp from dataport only specify record, for example : Table : Sales Header, Sales Line Right now I creating Sales Invoice doc no 1122. what i want is, I want Import/Export the data only this current document including header & line, even those to table contain many record,when I’m still open the current form (sales Invoice), thanks for your help… Regards, AKO

Dataport with two dataitems: Sales Header Sales Lines For exporting just a record, Filter the header and the lines dataitems by the document number (number in the header). For importing just a record, set on the dataport with a function a variable to the record you’re wanting to import, and set the autosave property to No. Then on afterImportRecord, modify your code to check if the imported record is the one you’re wanting to import and if not, don’t save it onto the table. Regards… btw… post 250!!! :slight_smile: a quarter thousand. (Staying for a week on Charlotte - North Carolina) :slight_smile: Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)