Dataport - How many field contains the current row imported?


Is it possible to know how many fields contains the current row imported by my dataport?

To explain, I have 59 variables defined in the dataportfields of my dataitem. I would like to get an error message if my CSV file doesn’t contains 59 fields.

For example, if it contains 2 fields, the dataport import the 2 fields and set the others to default values. I would like to avoid it. Do you have any idea?


I think I already answered this one on Mibuso [:)] Anyone else that frequents both sites noticing this more and more lately?

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I have searched in the boths forum but they were too many answers with the key word I have used… That’s why I make a new post in the both site :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have the link to your old answer, I take it with pleasure :stuck_out_tongue: Or you have the time to re-explain me it’ll be nice :blush:

I meant I answered your post on the other forum today.

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