Dataport for importing to FA Depreciation Book

I have created a dataport for importing fixed asset cards, this dataport imports to the fixed asset, FA depreciation book and default dimensions tables. The fixed asset and default dimension tables import properly but FA Depreciation Book doesn’t automatically populate the “No Depreciation Months” or “Ending Depreciation Date”. Is there a way to enter code to have it do this without adding these fields to the dataport. The FA Depreciation Book dataport fields and C/AL Code (OnAfterImportRecord) are shown below

Dataport Fields
FA No.
Depreciation Book Code
FA Posting Group
Depreciation Method
Depreciation Starting Date
No. of Depreciation Years
Acquisition Date
Last Acquisition Cost Date
Last Depreciation Date
Disposal Date

C/AL Code
VALIDATE(“FA Depreciation Book”.“No. of Depreciation Years”);


I also have the same problem. I used DMS Universal XMLport for the data import without the Depreciation Ending Date as I expected Navision would supplement for it during the upload. As checked, the field was blank. How do I resolve this? Thank you

You need to check this in the code when importing.

The problem in the code above is that you have to make sure to validate in the correct order when you insert the data. The best way when developing an import is first to see what happens when you manually create the record you want to import. Then see which fields are validated and in which order.