Dataport Field Designer Limitation


When I create a dataport, I am only able to setup 13 fields in the Field Designer. Is this by design or something I am doing wrong? How do I overcome this if I want to import/export more than 13 fields?



Hi John,

I’ve never heard of a limit like that.
I’ve designed several dataports with a lot more fields than 13.

Do you get some error-message when you try to add the 14th. field?

Thanks for your reply.

No error message. The Field Designer form only allows for 13 lines, the scroll bar is grayed out and I am unable to add another row.


Perhaps your .zup file has become corrupted. Try renaming it.

Awesome! I renamed the zup file. Closed and reopened Navision. I am now able to add additional fields to the Field Designer form.

Thank you!