Dataport Export Error: Destination buffer overflow

I created a dataport to export the content of several (own) tables. The txt-file will be about 360 kB. When I add the last dataitem and export, I get the following error message: “The length of the source exceeds the size of the destination buffer.” When exporting all the tables but the last one in one dataport, it works. I can also export the last one seperately or with another two. Is there a limit of how many letters a dataport can export[?]

Markus, I had a similar probem about a year back when I designed a big dataport. Apparently the progress bar and user request form sometimes cause errors when the dataport has got lots of tables. I was advised to set the dataport property that displays the progress bar to No (ShowStatus=no). Also, if that didn’t work to set all the option tab properties in the design of the dataport (Import=no, File=‘C:\whatever.txt’, etc) so that the UseReqForm property could be switched to No. I hope this helps. Chris.

But wouldn’t it be easier to just create several dataports? Cristi

To understand what is going on, look at a Form, say an Item card. Look at the properties for the Tab field, it is a long COmma seperatedstring, and it has a defined length. To make your dataport work, there are a couple of eisy ways to go. 1/ Change the table names to be shorter. 2/ Apply a key to the table properties in the dataport, which will then not show that item on the tab.