Dataport Designer allows use of "dead" fields.

Hi, I’m just letting off steam, rather than looking for a solution & just seeing if anyone else finds the following as irritating as I do: We have “inherited” a customer from another NSC. There are many non-standard fields in some of the tables that were put in by the previous NSC, which have been subsequently deactivated, either by ourselves or the previous NSC. I am now engaged in the development & testing of some new functionality involving dataports based on these tables. I am having to hunt through the dataports using a list of deactivated fields as Navision allows you to use these fields as dataport fields (And the complier does not error), but will not let you run the dataport. Why, if the fields are dead & they disable the use of the dataport (“Reference to the variable xxx could not be resolved.”), are they allowed to be used by the design tools? Does anyone else find this annoying? Cheers ------------------------ Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Nope… especially 'cos you’re also allowed to disable those dataport fields on the dataport as well. It’s really useful when having a field you’re not going to use right now but you’re planning to use in a soon future and you want to start planning the file structure now… really useful. Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)