If property DataPerCompany from tabel 15 is set to No what will happen in the next situation: I make a Navision Backup from 1 company of a serverdatabase. I restore it in a local database. In the that company in the local database i insert a new record in table 15. After that I make a backup from the local database and restore it in the serverdatabase again. So far I tested it, it doesn’t restore the new inserted record in the table 15 in the serverdatabase. By the way I now that DataPerCompany is a dangerous property but we took over this customer and database from another MSC.

Your observations are correct. And not unexpected… ? DataPerCompany is not a dengerous property, but as with everything else you need to know what you’re doing. In the right situations this property is super…

Hi Remco, When You set the property “DataPerCompany” to FALSE, the data will be “Common to All Companies”. When You restore a backup into a DB with existing data, it is not possible to check “Data Common to All Companies”. I guess that You want to create a new G/L-account, only in one of the companies, which is impossible in the scenario you provide. The only thing You can do, is to create the account, and then filter the view of the Account-list etc.