Datamatrix barcodes on a report


I am having trouble trying to find a way to print datamatrix barcodes on a report. Essentially we are making bag labels, and the spec calls for a barcode for each line.

Part Number __________ #Barcode#

Vendor _______________ #Barcode#


The desire for datamatrix is to make the scanning a little more forgiving for imperfect surfaces and damaged barcodes, I have spoke to them about using code 39 but they are not interested.

The trouble is datamatrix requires an encoder, I am not sure how, if there is a way, to make the external encoder software work with the report. Or if there is code out there for the encoder that I could include in the report with a, or to generate an image in the report.

Oh, and the reports are printed from RTC.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

you could use a .net lib to encode/decode datamatrix barcodes.