DataInsertion Problem

Hi all

The Requirement is in inventory form i brought a new display menuitem which shows the same inventory form with ItemType BOM alone. the thing is they wil select the two in that form against a particular item

For example Against item A they may select two items in the form like B and C

so wen they click the save button in the display form it should save in the table like mainitem = A ,SubItem1= B and SubItem2 = C i got the current record . the problem i face is how to save the subitem2 in the same record.Pls help me



Hi Manusha,

Could you Explain the requirement clearly,

once you create a new record, then what do want to do…

is the record values u want store in different tables .


My requirement is in item details form for example against item A i click the menu item so that the item master form open with items of type bom alone so here they wil select one item namely B and click save button so that the date save in a table like mainitem = a and subitem1 = b and again they wil click against a itself so that it should go and save in the same table against item a itself



Hai Manjusha,

Not able to understand the requirmnt-- it seems confusing!!

i would appreciate if you explain it better…More precsiely