hi folks

how to check the version of the database

how to find the database is realated to global or localized?

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You can see version on About screen. On top menu select Help → About Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision.

W1 means that it is worldwide. Between brackets you can see version of executables.

Much more database affairs info can be checked on File → Database → Info:

  • local or server
  • number of licenses in use
  • database space, etc.

I need a [C] !!

The help-screen might state something like "Version DK 4.00 SP1 (4.0 SP3) " which means:

  • “4.00 SP1” comes from function ApplicationVersion in codeunit 1. It is possible for a user to change this. If e.g. an upgrade is made and codeunit 1 by any chance “survives”, the applicationversion will state the old version.
  • “(4.0 SP3)” comes from FIN.EXE or FINSQL.EXE

So - you cannot not quite rely on the applicationversion

Btw - if you double-click on the version-info in the help-screen you get FIN.EXE-file’s build-no.

And - by reading the database.fdb-file itself in binary mode it is possible by the 5th byte to see which exe-version it belongs to. But that is another story.