Database testing seems very slow

Our Navision database testing process seems to run very slowly. Are other users experiencing this too? A recent maximum test of only the Item Ledger Entry table, took 35 hours - running local on the server. The table contains approximately 300,000 rows. Our software is 2.60B in a MS/SQL 7.0 database, NT4 Service Pack 6. Our hardware is a 1.26 GZ processor and 2G ram. We have attempted to determine what the Navision db test is doing by observing the reported errors and we have since created a VB/SQL application that tests each unique occurance of data 13 table-relationship columns. Additionally, we test each cell of the 25 “Code” columns for case integrity. (7,500,000 string comparisons.) The app completes execution in under 5 minutes across a network. (Yes, that’s 35 hours vs. 5 minutes.) Does anyone have any idea why the Navision test takes so long or what we may be doing wrong? Thanks! Steve Calverley EA Engineered Abrasives Canada

Which options are you using for the test? Regards Simon

Hello Simon, Thank you for your note. We’re using the test for field relationships between tables. If I recall correctly, it’s accessed from File, Database, Information, Tables, (select table), Test - with the option button selecting the test for field relationships. Regards, Steve