Database Test Report Output Not Generated!!!!

Hey Guyz,

Need your help on this ASAP. I ran the database test report on a database and defined the output to be saved in the a text file. The test ran but there was no output file. Any reason why an output file did not get created? If it is because there arn’t any errors how do I demostrate it that the test works. How can I create an error and check it through this test. Would appreciate a response ASAP. Thanks!


Is it just me, or whenever I see ASAP when asking for help, I get offended. People will answer it when they login to the website, it’s a voluntary community, your message isn’t more important than another person request for help. Same thing when I see with URGENT. If it’s urgent call your Solution center or microsoft and they will help you for a fee.

Well I guess it’s just you getting offended sorry pal! [:P] Please note that I’m well aware that this is a voluntary community. Further if it was such a major issue I certainly would have written to Microsoft’s solution center, no one has to tell me the means doing such. You might get irritated with some words, but as you know ASAP means “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” and I really don’t see any hard and fast enforcement to reply in that phrase. One could simply reply when one has the possibility of doing such!

Hi guyz, Any tips on the above?

Create a new ledger account, add it to the posting setup, delete the ledger account. The test on relationship between tables shows this.

Run a full test in Cronus, I am sure you will get more examples.