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Hi, In one of our client locations we r implementing G/L,Sale,Purchase and Inventory but in 4 months time database size has crossed 4 GB.At this rate database size will cross 20 GB in a year. IS it NORMAL with navision ? we r facing speed related issues in some tables due to heavy volume of data. what can be done or it is very normal with database. We can’t use SQL Server option as it has got many BUGS. In coming month we are also going to implement Manufacturing,CRM, Fixed Assets and HR which will again lead to bigger database size. Client wants to retain(Complete Data)data for minimum 3 years. So data compression or deletion can’t be used. Pls help if anything can be done Regards

How many users? Do you have an idea of the number of transactions per day? AR & AP Invoices, Receptions, Shipments,

Have you/do you optimize your tables?

We have got 20 Users. 12 Dimensions??? Regards

Step 1: File → Database → Information Click Tables Mark them all (Ctrl + A) Press Optimize But start this on a friday afternoon, as it will take forever! Secondly, What you are experiencing, I have found to be normal - however I do not have any good explanaition on why. I have seen, that the growth seems extremely hight in the first year or two, but then it tends to calm down… Annother question: have you added a TON of keys? - Keys take space in the database…

What u r saying is that 4GB in 3 months is normat i,e 18-20 GB in a year!!! I don’t have much problem with the database size but when it takes time in report generation then problem comes. We haven’t added much keys to the DB. Thanx

When I purchased a new server I figured 32Gb would be plenty but now that we are at 80% full at 9GB I know space is being used quickly. we had a Macola system for 10 years and never went more that 5GB. When we started with Navision our DB was 1.5GB. By the end of the first year we were at 7GB. I would have had to expand it much more if we didn’t keep on top of the table optimizing. Navision saves alot of information and I do not plan on using date compression for a few years either.

Check again: File → Database → Information → Button Tables. Set Filter for field Size to show only tables that use more then 10MB (>10000). Then post this list here and we will elaborate.

Do you really use 12 Dimensions? All at the same time ? Do you really need all of them ?

I have 19 tables where size is > 10MB. Tables are G/L Entry Item Ledger Entry Sales Line Sales Shipment Line Sales Invoice Line Purch. Rcpt. Line Item Application Entry Ledger Entry Dimension Posted Document Dimension Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry Change Log Entry Transfer Shipment Line Transfer Receipt Line Value Entry Tax Entry RG 23 A Part I RT-12 Posted Str Order Line Details GateEntry/MRN Lines Out of the above 19 tables last 1 is made by us.Which is used from receiving against purchase order. We really need 12 dimensions. Dimension are causing multiple enteries into the table. If we create single invoice then it creates 36-46 enteries in G/l entry table.

Check Change Log Entry, I tink to be too big. Try to clean it

change log table is really big 56MB!!!

we have a customer, whos dadabase grow to 80 gb throught 14 month :slight_smile: its normal for nacvision :slight_smile:

80 GB in 14 months!!! How was the performance of Navision?