Database size

I would like to know if it is possible to decrease the total size of the NF Database. We have some notebook-users who replicate over a phone-line. The notebooks have limited storage-capacity. The current size of the database is about 1 Gb. Most users need only part of the database. The database consists of multiple companies, of which for most notebook-users only one or two companies are needed. My idea was to copy the complete database to the notebook, delete the companies that are not needed, and then compact the database so it’s size would decrease. Only problem is, how to decrease the size…

You can’t de-expand a NF database. But you could do a backup of the selected companies and restore these into a new and smaller database file. Notice if you run out of space during restore you can expand the database and resume restore. /soren

How do I make a backup of a single company without extra software??

Just look at the options when the Backup form shows. “Entire database” is the default, but you can select one or more companies as well. John