Database size too big

Currently our Navision SQLserver2000 database size is 28gb,but the server HDD driver E(database installed disk E) size is about 33gb, anther HDD driver F is free 16gb. and database increase speed is fast,is about 2 gb per month. how to solve the problem?add HDD or separate the database,and how to do it?

I think you should split up your database over several disks. I don’t know how this is done with msq. Please contact you NRC (MBSCP) to ask for help!

How are your present data and log files configured? Does the database increase you mention include both data and log files - where are you reading this value from? Do you perform frequent transaction log backups, which automatically truncates the inactive part of the log allowing it to be reused?

the datafile Navison1_Data.NDF size was 22gb in Jan. now it is 28gb,so I think the rate of increase is 2gb per month. I see the value through “windows explore”. the increase percent value is 20% in DATABASE setup yes I do database backup job every week,transaction log backups everyday(automatically truncates). now I add new datafile named Navision2_Data.NDF placed in F:… how about to add new HDD in DELL server? thank you Emiel and Robert.

from SQL server Enterprise manager, you can select your database config, directly add new database file to different hard disk.