Database size limit in 2.00

I knew that Navision 2.00 has a 2GB partition limit, but I found out today that it’s also limited to 16 database files, which limits the overall database size to 32GB. Ironically, the company I work for is licenced for a 40GB database. Is there a way around this restriction in 2.00? What’s the lowest version that allows a larger database?

Just upgrade You C/SIDE. You can allways run on latest run-time. You don’t have to upgrade the functionality in the database for that. The limit today is 128Gb (on a maximum of 16 files). You need to add that in Your license, but it’s for free. This should not be dependent on Your version, but I’m not sure. Anyway I would recommend You to upgrade Your C/SIDE since there have been som many improvements since the days of 2.00. /Lars