Database Size and user limitations on Navision

Anyone running a Navision Database greater than 30GB with 240 concurrent users out there. Can the system handle this number of users / transactions or is it pushing the boundaries for the technology.

Current system runs on a Citrix farm, using SQL 2005 and is expected to grow to 240 users.

Does anyone have any real life examples of this size of database. What is the performance / transaction times like?

What is the optimum configuration in terms of hardware / Memory?

Firstly 30Gig is not a very large database, so no problems with that. But i would want to know how you estimated that size, since 240 users would normally generate a lot more data than that. maybe they are just reading and not posting and entering data?

I assume you would go straight to SQL in this case, and your biggest issue will be locking due to the numer of users, but that really depends on what those users are doing.

Can you give more information about what those 240 users are doing. For example if 200 of them are sitting at a keyboard entering sales orders you may have problems.

30G is never a limitation of NAV database, and by 240 users you are never going to push the technology behind.

ehm no… 240 users on NAV is a relatively large number of users, you will definately stretch the system, and you will want to take into account that you will need to address performance issues along the way.

Has David said, it depends a lot of users are supposed to do. Can you divide your users in terms of groups?

10% - Posting Invoices
70% - Checking Orders


I don’t how deep you know Navision and other ERP’s, but posting generates a lot of data, and I also think that it will have much more than 30G Gigs with 240 users.

And it also depends if all those users are working in 1 company or 100 companies. A lock of a table in 1 company does not lock the same table in other companies.


We have a simirl size database - 240 concurrent users and 30 gig

We have 100+ people creating approximately 30000 cash sales per month… We have experienced problems with locking. Posting of cash invocies has been split from the online transaction to overnight


I remember reading this on the specifications and limitations for the C/SIDE Database Management System (DBMS) and its application objects:

Specifications for the DBMS

Feature Characteristic

Maximum number of physical disk files


Database file size

256 GB

Maximum number of objects in a database


Maximum number of characters in application object names


Maximum number of characters in a password


Maximum number of concurrent users

(the actual limit depends on your hardware and the workload)


Maximum cache size

1 GB