Database Session

Does anybody know how to protect User for logging in only once? Several times; main users can not login into the system because of the user license is full. When I checked; some users are login more than once. We are under 3.60. Please help. Thx - Zen

Another one: If you use Database login, you might see sessions in the “Session” table which do not have a user ID assigned. Those are sessions which are initiated but no user has logged on yet. I did not yet find a way to identify those users (respectively the machine where the session is running). Anyway, if you consider a technical upgrade to 4.0 you will be able to delete those sessions if inactive for a certain time by just deleting the record from the session table. For SQL Server database this option exists in earlier versions as well.

Thomas, We are using Database login but I couldn’t find Session table in our database. Zen

The session table is a hidden/virtual table, that is not visible in the object designer, but you can define a record variable with this object, the table id is 2000000009. Saludos Nils

I see. In what form that I should put the codings then? Zen

Hello guys, I am raising this same subject again because my question is related to this subject. Is there any way to display Database Sessions sorted by UserID? Please helps. ZEN [:D] P.S. By the way, I don’t see Nils in this forum lately. Hopes he is doing alright.

Hi Zen, the MBSOnline forum has moved… I moved this post there. You will need to re-register, since we could not convert the user ids.