Database Restoration

Hello i have create a new database in the development environnement and restore a backup database in the new database

But now when i try to open then new database and error appear and the error text is :

the user table does not have an active key that starts with the following field or fields: .

Please help me some of custom report are in the backup database


Which version of NAV ???

NAV 2013

Make sure that your backup includes both company data AND application object. Sounds like you’re restoring a backup into a database where there are differences in the table definitions.

How to know there are differences in the table definitions

Hi Lorisse,

Well for a start then you will get the above error if you try to restore backup into a database where the key definitions are not the same, which might result in duplicate content on primary keys.

Second you will have to check if there are any differences between the table objects in the two databases. The first and easy check would be to just compare the object list in the table designer in two tables. If this doesn’t reveal anything, then you can use a tool like the Mergetool to compare the two databases. (And please don’t ask me how to use the Mergetool here in this post, there are already plenty of questions about that, and also links to a lot of documents in the download page).