Database rebuild - zup settings lost

Hello everybody, I have studied a lot of postings here, but didn’t find that specific case. There is Version 2.60 running on the old server named „NAVISION“, the system is a NT 4.0 Server, database is in three parts. The Clients have an entry like “ Navision” in the Host file. The Client Software is started with a link like this “C:\Programme\Navision Financials\fin.exe” nettype=tcp,servername=navision,id=m:%username% so that every user has his special settings in the zup file. NTAuthentication is used. On a Windows 2003 Server a new database is created by a 2.60 Client Software with the same path and filename as it is on the old server, extended in two parts and database is closed. Then the database is opened again by the client and the Navision Backup from the old database is imported. Now the database is closed and the server in the same version 2.60 is installed with the same name “NAVISION” for the service and pointed to the new database. I change the entry in the host file to the IP of the new server and start the client. Everything works, I am connected to the new server, but the settings for columns etc. from the zup file are lost. Would it be the same, if I had to rebuild the database on the old server from a backup? Isn’t it possible to avoid loosing the settings in the zup file? Thank you, Dieter

As far as i know there is no proper description of “how does the zup-file” work internally[:(]

There are a couple of “actions” that reset the zup file, like compiling the object in object designer. I think loosing the zup file doesn’t have anything to do with your server settings and file distribution, simply recovering a backup resets the zup file… though as Richard points out, there is no technical documentation on how this works exactly… Saludos Nils

You wouldn’t expect changing the server to cause this. When you down load an object to your local client, Navision checks the Internal version of the object agains te version the ZUP file ad last time, and if it is different, it deletes that ZUP element and starts again. If you didn’t change objects it should not be a problem. First place to start looking, is to go to the M:| folder, and check if new ZUP filesa re being written there, maybe it is some stupid permission issue. often when you change servers, oter things get changed as well. Just for clariicaltion, is your issue the one off issue of loosing zup setting at the time of the move over, OR are the ZUP settings lost EVERY TIME the user logs out?