Database Mirroring and Intelligent Data Management

We are currently looking to create a database mirroring plan for our AX2009 environment. The current plan is:

  1. To mirror the production database.

  2. Take snapshots of the mirror database.

  3. Use the snapshot database to run the Intelligent Data Management software against.

Is this possible? Does anyone know of a better plan or method?
I appreciate the help!

2308.Visio-Database Mirroring for AX2009.pdf (99.1 KB)

How often would you be creating new snapshots? How “stale” can the data be and still satisy the needs of IDM?

We would need about 3_4 hour replication. The intel data mgmt can be 24 hour old. From what I have read, a snapshot is always a separate file with a .snp extension. So how could IDM manage this on a scheduled basis? Thanks for your help. We are looking to make the best plan.

The snapshot appears to the cleint as the DB snaphot name specified during create. Each snaphot must have a unique name amongst those that exist. To re-use a name you must first drop the original snapshot. Same basic roles as DB create.

Connection to the correct (latest?) snapshot is the responsibility of the cleint application and user.

Also keep in mind disk space requirements. As your primary database is updated, the existing snapshot files will grow. They have the potential to get as large as the primary was (used space) at the time of their creation. So if you were to retian your 3_4 hours snapshots for a rolling 24 hours, you could potentially need up to 6 or 8 times the size of your primary DB in available disk space.

Ok, so the snapshot does not sound like a good scenario. It sounds resource intensive. Could there be another option?