Database migration from NAV to SQL

Hi Guys

I am working in Navision 5.0 and we are looking in for a database migration from NAV to the SQL server . Can you let me know the procedure and method involved in it.

As such i know how to restore database in SQL front and start working with a fresh database , but i have no idea on the migration part. It would be great if you can share you experience and also tell me what are necessary requirement to proceed on this.

Hi Amarnath,

Take a look at this other thread from today:

Did you even try search before asking? [;)]

Hi Erik P. Ernst

I tried searching it from patnersource and found the SQL server technical kit. Then i thought if i put it in forum i can get a better and experience reply from you pepole who have done it or tried it.

Hey Amarnath,

This process has been tried and tested many times now. We have used this to migrate 3 databases to our Data Centre.

Before you commit to the migration you must check that you have the optimal configuration for hardware and operating systems for the servers.

Optimal = compromise between costs and performance.

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hi Jsrark

Can you tell me the steps involved in doing this. I mean you might have a procedure created on the same and all the softwares that are supposed to be used for this.

Thanks in Advance

Amarnath Srinath

The process is good and simple but I can not repeat everything that is in the Microsoft documentation so please read the w1w1upgr.pdf .

Work throught the process step by step in your QA or Test environment. If you don’t have a test environment then make one now. It does not need to be a big database. You could use the Demo database…

Remember that the best way to learn how to do something is to do it.

When you have some specific questions I am sure that we will be able to help.