Database Log Issue

Hello All,

I have added DocumentValue and DocumentRef table for logging Insert/Update/Delete/RenameKey update.

But nothing is being logged when I add or update any entries in DocuRef/DocuValue tables.

Any Idea why this is happening?

Database log on SalesTable,PurchTable Customer table and other are working fine.



i would like to ask you a question whether you have got a solution for your above problem or not.

i am getting the same issue that nothing is being looged when i add or update any enteries in DocuRef.

please tell me if you knw the answer.



I have got the solution for your as well as my problem.

Just change the SaveDataPerCompany property of DocumentRef table from No to Yes.

After doing this , all the enteries will be logged.

You are seeing these records in the respective tables because these are shared tables and the log for such tables are created and accessible through DAT company only. Same goes for Workflow Delegation table as well.

Vishal Kohli