database is to slow...what can i do??

it is 2.5 gigs and we have several larger ones that are much faster…database is to slow…what can i do?? is there some kind of optimization tool?? thanks, Trint

The old re-organization method works when the database is fragmented. This costs nothing but an hour or two to implement and is worth doing just to fully test the database if you are trying to troubleshoot hardware/database issues. Just backup the database using a workstation and write the backup file to a path that is on a separate physical disk or network share. Define a new database file and restore the backup. It will completely rebuild all the keys and flowfield data. If you keep the old database file around you can just change the reference to the database name using regedit → circa v2.6 it was My.Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services[SERVER NAME] You can get a feel for whether this will help by looking at the File->Database->Information->Tables Button and then look at the optimization spec for large active tables. Good Luck

Although I agree that it is always good to maintain good house keeping principles, in effect this will not generrally make much difference to Navision performance. In any case Mark’s recommendations make good sense. Assuming the database was setup correctly it will have been installed on 2 formatted disks, and thus will not be fragmented. With Navision’s optimization, this will optimize space, but will actually make the database slightly slower. Unfortunately speeding up a slow Navision database involves addressing many processes. Though often one method may seed things up, it is generally a combination of many that eventually works. If you search this forum, you will find a lot of information to help you. Basically here are the areas to start. Keys Flowfields (see also keys above) Reports Design (see also keys above) User training (see also keys above) Disk configuration Cache configuration Client setup Network Also don’t forget to check the keys.