Database Info Sessions

Hi, We’re using Navision Attain 3.01B with a SQL 2K database on a W2K cluster server. In the File-Database-Info menu, under the sessions tab, there are all kind of connections listed: - 10 sa connections to master Db - 1 cluster user connection to master Db, - 1 administrator connection to SQLAgent Generic Refresher, - 1 administrator connection to SQLAgent Alert Engine, - n navision clients, - n odbc connections. We have a 31 concurrent user license for Navision. - Do the other than ‘n navision clients’ connections also need navision licenses? - Can a ODBC application be constructed in a way that 1 user only uses 1 connection at a time; or do multiple ODBC connections not degrade performance. Kind regards Peter

Th information listed here is based on the master.sysprocesses table on your Server; i.e. it is all connections to the Server. Only Navision products will use up a session from your Navision license; that is where the Application Name field contains any of: Navision client, Navision Application Server, C/FRONT client. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘ODBC’ application. ODBC is a means to connect to SQL Server, but so for example is OLEDB and (which sit under ADO and respectively). These are just connectivity technologies that an application uses. Navision itself uses ODBC. SQL Server doesn’t care what is used, but an ODBC or OLEDB connection takes up one connection in SQL Server. Nothing to do with Navision, unless it is the Navision connection.