Database Expand Error

Hi, Has any one faced this kind of problem before…? When i write/delete/modify data in the database. An error message asking the user to EXPAND DATBASE has poped-up on the screen. when I checked the datasbase size is only 1GB Used but my database actual size is 10GB (9GB is still free) I found that when i do database test custom Space Allocation I get the same error. Can any one say what may cause this problem if they have come across…

How many database files have been created?

File → Database → Expand → Advanced will show you the details about what files you’re using and what sizes they are.

What version of exe’s. It smells corruption i’m afraid. I’ve seen this on version prior to 3.01B. Also interesting to hear how You have set up Your disks (especially RAID-level and caching on controller)

HI All I have a single two databases Native database is in the default client folder and the server database(Native not SQL) in the DATABASE Folder. I am currently using 3.70 Version and with the hotfix14 for Fin.EXE and FinSQL.EXE EXE files are ok since i can open different server database with the same fins. Only problem is I cannot wirte/modify/delete data but I can see the data and take backup of the database So i have restored into another New datbase and its fine now. I am worried that if it happens next time then its a serious issue. Can any one suggest how to prevent it happening again. Thanks