Database Conversions with 4.0 SP1

Maybe someone can enlighten me regarding the database conversions using the newest Navision 4.0 SP1. For local databases created with earlier versions, I get the usual conversion confirmation. After converting the database, it is no longer possible to open it using an earlier version. That’s expected and I am very used to it. What I don’t remember noticing before is the following behaviour regarding conversion of server databases. I have a database server running with the 4.0 executables (build 20942). If I now take the 4.0 SP1 client (build 21666 - 666? maybe a small, devilish easter egg[?]) and connect to this server, I will get a message stating “the database conversion was successufully completed”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t earlier versions also ask before converting remote server databases? Now, the strangest part is that the database is not really converted. Build 20942 clients can still connect to the database server and 20942 and 21666 clients can even be connected at the same time. And besides that, I get the “database conversion successufully completed” message after every logon. I really don’t remember it working that way. Am I just dreaming or was there a change in the database conversion logic?

The message seems new, BUT Navision has generally offered database compatibility over the same version. Service packs and hot fixes, generally allow the connection of all versions to the database. Thought there was that SQL thing with 3.70B. It does sound like something new though.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Nelson, this is a bug! I have verified the same repro. Try to do a modification once you have opened the database, to force a transaction. Then close and open again - this will solve the problem - the new db version is written to the db control block as part of your regular transaction. The database upgrade is missing a transaction. I hope to get this fixed before RTM. Will keep you posted.

Ah, I didn’t try to do that but I will take your word for it. Thanks for following this through. I will really appreciate your feedback. Our scheduled date for going live with 4.0 is approaching fast and I will feel better using a “reloaded version” of 4.0 (executables only). Mainly because there were some issues (the menu, C/SIDE, etc.) which I am not seeing anymore with build 21666.

This will be fixed for 4.0 SP2 but its too late for SP1. Users will just have to use the workaround to update some data after conversion, to force the commit of the new version, for SP1. There is another upgrade related bug that I will mention here since its on the subject. When going from “3.70B Update 1” to 4.0 SP1 the upgrade will fail with an error. It is ok to go from 3.70B (not Update 1) or from 4.0. So a workaround is to go from “3.70B Update 1” to 4.0; then from 4.0 to 4.0 SP1. Again, that will be fixed for 4.0 SP2. Sorry about the mess.

And can you give us an idea of when SP2 will be released?

Release dates are out of my domain I’m afraid. I’m guessing Feb/Mar timeframe for W1.

Thanks, that’s close enough to get an idea of the timing.