Database Clean Up Needed

Hello all,

I have been tasked with helping to clean up an AX 2009 database in order to implement the Cost Accounting module. It has been utilized in a manufacturing environment for the last 4-5 years. The transactions include Production Orders, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders, not too much Costing or Accounting related. There was a large learning curve in using the system and numerous inventory and transactional errors occurred in the beginning. While they did make some process corrections, though not enough, the errors were not necessarily all cleaned up. The errors, especially inventory-related, have continued to compound over the years. While I believe that we can easily correct and modify old/erroneous purchase and sales orders, I am running into a brick wall when it comes to the Production Orders.

Is there a way to systemically end all non valid Production Orders without going into each and every one? There are over 50k of them. Also, as it is more than likely going to affect inventory, is there a way to put it into an error warehouse or virtual company so it can be easily dealt with? We would not want to delete them all as some of the current inventory is older and attached.

Some of the errors occurring on Production Orders include:

– Not posting picking tickets

– Not ending all Operations

– Not Reporting the Job as Finished

– Not Ended the Order Financially

– Not having a report as finished quantity.

– Item Dimension changes (new mandatory criteria)

**Quick note: The database became so convoluted, that they created a parallel inventory universe for their finished goods as they couldn’t get reservations to work appropriately or track products.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thank you.

Booking them into a different warehouse to the production one will be a manual update, ending numerous can be done through the periodic function - identifying the ones you want to process is probably the issue. RAF all orders, then end them. Get the users who created the mess to resolve it, otherwise the moment you clean it the inherent bad practices will simply create further issues in a never ending cycle.