Databas problem


I have opend the database with nav RC2, how can i open now with the older version nav2009.

It says "The database has been alredy converted by a newer program version " you need to upgrade nav.

How can i open with the old version.

I havn’t got R2 yet, but if it is as in earlier versions, you cannot open that database in an old version.

Grab a backup (you do have one, right?) and restore it with a pre-2009-version.

On the other hand - the user (you) got a warning about this when that database was opened in R2…

You can’t!

When you opened the database with R2 you were asked if you wanted to upgrade, and if you said yes, then there is no way back.

Either upgrade the clients or find your most recent backup and restore it!

I’m sorry for you.

Try do the back up on R2 and restore from this back up on 2009 new database.