DATAAREAID, Fiscal year


I know that AX use the field DataAreaID which exists in all tables to distinguish beteween the diffrent companies Data

, Well … i expected ther’s another field that AX use it to distingiuish between the FISCAL years within the same company data , But i didnt find such a filed

Don’t compare AX with others - try to dig out what is there in AX and how it can be properly implemented to meet the customer requirements.

When you have a transaction date in the system - why do you need a field Fiscal Year???

The DataAreaID is provided because you will be having the single database for all the companies - so it will differentiate transactions happened between(Inter company) and with in the companies.


Fiscal year is required.
Example, one company their fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. And second company may from Jan 1 to Dec.
In the first company, how can we differenciate the fiscal year with the date ?. e.g - Dec month transactions

With the date you can propably get the Fiscal Year…


First of all, how come there is different FISCAL YEARS in the same company data?

Please clarify with an example, so that we all can understand you better.