Data Validation during Implementation - Upgrade

As part of any implementation, or upgrade, I’m sure that everyone performs some data validation. Verification that Begining balances in you G/L Accounts in the new software matched the ending Balance in you old software and the Likes.

Does anyone have a List of the things that they tested to verify the data was correct before using the new software. can you Please share that Information with everyone in this forum?

Even if you didn’t have a formal list, can you please list some of the Items that you verified when you first went live?

I am currently working on an Upgrade of Navision, and wnat to know what are some of the thing that others have done for Data Validation. This will greatly help me to insure that i have verified everything that i can to insure the success of my upgrade. PLEASE HELP!!!



Are you upgrading navision from an old navision version or it is a new implementation?

I am Upgrading From Navision 3.60 to NAV2009SP1, but wouldn’t I want to verify the data in the same manner as a brand new implementation?

Are you using correct tools and procedures (steps) to upgrade form one version to another?

I always consider upgrade as brand new implementation when it comes to testing.

So before going live, I would ask all key users working in the various departments to test things, by simply performing all the tasks that they do on a regular basis (and on a not so regular basis too!). Go live when you’ve got the sign-off from those key-users.

You can’t test it all on your own, you could do some basic testing, but it’s much more efficient and cost effective to let the key users do that.


Thank-you for your answer. I am Not as concerned about testing the functionality of the software, Our upgrade plan has plenty of time to work with our users for this. I am more concerned that as a result of the Upgrade our inventory Value or Customer balance have changed. Are there a set series of reports that you recommend to verify the data Pre Upgrade vs Post Upgrade?



The reports that I generally ask users to verify are

  1. Inventory valuation

  2. Vendor Trial Balance

  3. Customer Trial Balance

  4. G/L Account Trial Balance

  5. Bank Account Trial Balance

Ask users to print these reports before the upgrade, take a backup, then perform the upgrade, and after upgrade again ask the users to print these reports and match the balances.

You could also compare your account schedule report and various analysis view (run a FULL refresh of the views on the upgrade DB), before and after upgrade