Data Upgrade from Ax 4.0 to Ax 5.0


During data upgrade from Ax 4.0 to Ax 5.0 we face some issue like data duplicate in projid in table ProjTable. While debugging we found that string length of projid was changed in Ax4.0. Even in Ax-5.0 projid string length changed during code upgrade. So while checking in the record in table projtable in Ax-4.0 the string length of projid was more than 10 characters. While checking in same records in Ax 2009 the string lenght restricted to 10. So it is giving data duplication for few records.

code upgrade is done properly,but during data upgrade it restrict the records upto 10 only in ax table as well as in sql.

so what could be the solution for this,can any body let me know whether any script is there which changing this length during upgrade?