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what is the data transfer rate between server and client computer while accessing Nav?and is it depends up on our network speed and server configuration?



which version you are using, is it 2009 or previous versions. Data transfer rate is based on hardware configuration.

Yeah I’m using Nav 2009 version

hi Ratheesh…

As far as i know, the data transfer generally depends on the memory usage and CPU…if the transaction in the NAV are very slow…it might depend on serveral reasons, if you notice…while generating an big report, it always takes more time…and another one could be the speed of the PC used and the version in which its used…

Hello Ratheesh,

Your question’s answer may vary as per the factors that are in the environment…!!!

First of all, yeah thats true that network speed and server configuration must be good enough… Means flawless network and highly configured server is always an absolute answer to data-transfer speed between server and client…!!!

But if we are talking about navision, then there are other factors also…!!!

The main thing is customization and database size…!!! If database is highly customized and the database size is quite bigger then also the data-transfer rate will be slow…!!

Its not only about Server-Client/Network, if you are working on local database, and want a preview of report, that is customized and newely developed report, with too many rec variables, with use of different keys and sortings… you will see the process is quite slower…!!!

So, first requirement is server should be highly configured, network should be flawless, the customization must be on straight flaw and not to create to many keys/key groups…!!!

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Kashyap Pandya

Thank you guys for your valuable reply…