Data Transfer from Attain to SQL??

Hi, What would be the easiest way for me to update a SQL database with records out of an Attain database?? How would I do it?

Hi, Can you clarify: 1. If u need to update NA data stored in SQL DB using SQL/External tools or 2. If u need to update tables stored on SQL Db not related to Navision? What’s the problem you are trying to address or solution you are looking for? Regards

There are several architectures you can use and some tools out there. Below is 3 main approaches: 1) Inside Navision use ADO automation controller, to connect to The SQL database and transfer the records. Down side is that this has to be run from a Navision client. 2) Use C/Front or ODBC, could be together with a SQL server DTS package, that reads the records from the Navision Database and then stores it in SQL Server. Be aware that the Navision ODBC driver is not doing to well performance wise for large recordsets. 3) Use a standard exchange tool, like the one used for i.e. Internet shop solutions. Choosing the architecture depends on the solution, is it realtime transfer of data or in batch (manual or automatic)? how many records? Edited by - mjanum on 2002 Jun 17 17:21:48

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